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Cloudastructure became one of the top 1% of all crowdfunded investments on King’s Crowd’s with $35M in investment and a community of 14,000 shareholders in 2021. Today, we’re the most decorated AI Surveillance solution of the year and on the path to becoming a leader in the market.
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What is Cloudastructure?

Cloudastructure is the ONLY cloud-based AI Surveillance security platform that offers

A complete and award winning Video Management System (VMS)
Cloud-based advanced AI analytics for greater computational accuracy
Award-winning remote guarding capabilities integrated with VMS
Global remote guarding services

With our next generation solution, enterprise businesses can transform their existing surveillance system into a proactive, crime-fighting solution in real-time.


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The Opportunity

Security is a $100 Billion Industry. And growing.

There are an estimated 1 billion surveillance cameras worldwide today. That number is predicted to grow to 13 billion by 2030, largely due to AI. With our cutting-edge cloud AI Surveillance and our exclusive Remote Guarding capabilities and services, those cameras can perform many manned guarding duties better than humans can.

Relevant to today's needs.

Cloudastructure’s enterprise-grade AI-based solution can detect faces, license plates, car makes/models, and even guns.  And send automated alerts in real-time when crime is happening, so our Remote Guards can review the footage, check analytics, switch to live view, and “Voice Down” the perpetrator.

State of the Art Technology.

Cloudastructure utilizes state of the art technology, delivered at a competitive total cost of ownership, with technology that outstrips industry standards.  It takes a combination of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and even IoT to do what we do.

A Veteran Silicon Valley Team

CEO Rick Bentley is a veteran Silicon Valley engineer and CEO, whose previous company was acquired by Uber in 2015. Our CTO’S previous company was acquired by Meta in 2015.

A Rapidly Growing Company

In less than two years, Cloudastructure has won over multiple enterprise customers who are actively stopping crime and losses on their properties.

$35 million raised via Reg A+
Top 1% of crowdfunded investments on KingsCrowd for 2021
14,000 investor community
State-of-the-art AI/ML technology
Most decorated AI Surveillance platform of 2022

Significant Traction in 2022

Growth in number of cloud surveillance customers
Growth in the number of locations
Sales pipeline growth since the annual shareholder meeting in January 2022

Most Decorated AI Surveillance Platform of 2022

"Cloudastructure's innovation in cloud based AI surveillance systems is remarkable."

Residential Data Management Platform of the Year

Security Innovation of the Year 2023

PLATINUM Best Video Management Solution – Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

Best Native Cloud Solution 2023

Best New Monitoring Product: Remote Guarding

PLATINUM Best Video Surveillance Solution - Smart Surveillance

GOLD for Best New Cloud Solution

Best New IoT Product: GearBox

GOLD Best Video Analytics Solution - Smart Surveillance

SILVER for Best New AI/ML Solution

GOLD Best Video Data Storage Solution - Smart Surveillance

Security Innovation of the Year

GOLD Best Cloud Computing & Storage - Smart Surveillance/Remote Guarding

GOLD for Achievement in Sales & Revenue Generation

PLATINUM Winner for Cloud Solutions and Services

PLATINUM Best Cloud IoT Cyber Security Solution - GearBox™

BRONZE Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution - GearBox™

PLATINUM Best IoT Product of the Year - GearBox™

Meet The Team

Rick Bentley


Founded Televoke Inc, eventually bought by Uber. Raised eight figures of Venture Capital from VC’s including Softbank and WI Harper. Full-time Advisor to Google X. Direct report to Andy Grove (father of OKRs) for 5 years.

Gregory Rayzman


CTO TheFind, acquired by Facebook in 2015. Founding engineer and Chief architect for ITM Software, acquired by BMC. Founding engineer and Director of Software Engineering for Annuncio Inc., acquired by PeopleSoft (now Oracle).

Lauren O’Brien

Chief Revenue Officer

COO VentureBeat, leading enterprise AI publication. Current Board Advisor to VentureBeat. CEO Shift Communications and Consulting. Extensive experience in sales, marketing and go-to-market strategy building for Saas based startups.

Greg Smitherman


Seasoned financial executive that has returned over $1.3B in profit to investors. With multiple CXO roles, Greg is a hands-on executive with extensive tactical and strategic experience in building and growing companies.

Our Board Members

Rick Bentley

Chairman of the Board

Founded Televoke Inc, eventually bought by Uber. Raised eight figures of Venture Capital from VC’s including Softbank and WI Harper. Full-time Advisor to Google X. Direct report to Andy Grove (father of OKRs) for 5 years.

James McCormick

Having previously served as both CFO and CEO of well-known global companies, James currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of LTA Research and Exploration, the airship company.

Ruba Qashu

A partner at Barton LLP on its business and finance team, Ruba's focus is on capital markets and securities transactions. She has extensive experience structuring complex deals and  providing strategic counseling to publicly traded companies.

The Future Is More Intelligent

Cloudastructure centralizes the management of site security and allows businesses to scale geographically. With Cloudastructure, professionals can search security footage the way people search the web: by tag (animal, vehicle, person, etc.) or even by face.

Because the door and cameras are all powered by AI, our system is constantly learning what badge holders look like, even as they change makeup, facial hair, glasses, etc. over days, months or years.  We can match faces to badges more accurately than any guard.

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