Computer Vision for Covid-19 and Beyond

Invest in Cloud Video Surveillance with Computer Vision that can see what is most relevant today and in the future. Reg A+ offering open now. Early stage high tech company solving today’s problems.

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Price per Unit: $1
Minimum Investment: $500

Each Unit consists of 2 Class A Shares and 1 warrant.
Warrants can be redeemed for 1 Class A Share for $0.75/share, up to 18 months after issuance.

Detect People Wearing Face Masks... or Those Who Aren't ... and More.

We get the video footage into the Cloud, where we run it through some very powerful computers — these computers are too powerful to put in each and every customer buildling.  
With Cloudastructure technology, we can see what’s in the video.  Today’s businesses need to know how many people are or aren’t wearing face masks, how far part they are, if they are unusually warm (feverish)… They need to open their businesses and we can help. Tomorrow they might be looking for something else, we’ll be well positioned to detect that for them too.

Cloudastructure Gives Business the Power to Re-Open Safely

Our enterprise grade AI-based solution can detect face masks and social distancing. Today’s businesses need to know who’s in compliance with safety protocols during Covid-19, tomorrow you may need to look for something else- we’ll detect that for you too.

Control How Many People are in a Space and Their Physical Distance

Detect and Enforce the Usage of Face Masks

The Future is More Intelligent

Cloudastructure centralizes the management of site security and allows businesses to scale geographically. With Cloudastructure, professionals can search security footage the way people search the web: by tag (animal, vehicle, person, etc.) or even by face. Because the door and cameras are all powered by AI, our system is constantly learning what badge holders look like, even as they change makeup, facial hair, glasses, etc. over days, months or years.  We can match faces to badges more accurately than any guard.

SaaS Companies Have Made Billions as Systems Move to The Cloud

Cloudastructure is on a mission to do the same, with access control and surveillance

The Opportunity

Security is a $100 Billion Industry

We are using Access Control and Video Surveillance to perform many Manned Guarding duties better than humans can.

Relevant to Today's Needs

Cloudastructure’s enterprise grade AI based solution can detect face masks and social distancing compliance.  Even after we exit the current Covid-19 lockdown, there may well be a second wave or another virus/risk altogether.

State of The Art Technology

Cloudastructure hardware utilizes state of the art technology, delivered at a competitive total cost of ownership, with technology that beats industry standards.  It takes a combination of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, and even IoT to do what we do.

Team With Expertise

Our CEO previously founded a company acquired by Uber in 2015, while our CTO was previously a CTO at another company acquired by Facebook in 2015. We have the expertise and innovative vision to outmaneuver the dinosaur incumbents.

Our Team

Rick Bentley

Founder, CEO

Founded Televoke Inc, eventually bought by Uber. Raised eight figures of Venture Capital from VC’s including Softbank and WI Harper. Full-time Advisor to Google X. Direct report to Andy Grove (father of OKRs) for 5 years.

Gregory Rayzman


CTO TheFind, acquired by Facebook in 2015. Founding engineer and Chief architect for ITM Software, acquired by BMC. Founding engineer and Director of Software Engineering for Annuncio Inc., acquired by PeopleSoft (now Oracle).

Craig Johnson

VP, Sales

Former Honeywell General Manager, running a 100+ person organization with $27m in revenues, that consulted, sold, installed, and maintained Security systems, Fire Alarm, and HVAC systems, in large, commercial buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regulation A+?

Regulation A+ permits issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offering. For more information please click here.

What is The Offering Price?

Our Regulation A+ offering is set at $1.00 USD per Unit. Each unit consists of two common shares and one warrant. Each warrant is exercisable into one common share for a period of 18 months from the closing date. The warrants are exercisable at $0.75 USD each.

Where Can I  Find More Information on CloudStructure

The offering circular for the Regulation A+ offering can be viewed here.

How and When I Can Access The Subscription Document and Invest?

Click "Invest Now" anywhere on this site, or follow the link here. You will be directed to view the subscription agreement and complete an investment. For investors, payment is accepted via credit card, ACH, or wire transfer.

“Cloudastructure’s technology gives it an edge in access control and video that’s been missing for years.”

Kane Hsieh, Partner at Root Ventures

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If you believe in the future of AI, join us as we take it to a huge market: Surveillance and Security.